Probiz ERP



Undoubtedly, the maintenance of plant and equipment is a mission-critical task. PROBIZ ERP provides a best-in-class CMMS and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solution. This assists pharmaceutical manufacturers in keeping their assets in peak condition by efficiently managing, tracking, scheduling services, and providing advanced insights into asset status. In this demanding and highly regulated sector, preventing unforeseen equipment faults is essential to maintain seamless operations and prevent substantial losses.


Effective Maintenance of Your Assets/ Seamless Integration of Maintenance and Asset Control

This comprehensive solution offers unparalleled visibility and control over all assets, enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to proactively manage and maintain their equipment, ensuring that every piece of machinery operates in perfect harmony. It goes beyond mere maintenance by seamlessly integrating with renowned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, offering real-time tracking of assets across multiple facilities. This synchronization with the organization's financial data helps identify and rectify data discrepancies, ensuring impeccable financial management that aligns perfectly with pharmaceutical industry regulations. It provides advanced features for preventative maintenance scheduling and calibration management, ensuring that all equipment remains in peak condition and operates within precise specifications.