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We stand as your trusted gateway to the cosmetics and personal care industry.

This era demands innovation and adaptation, and consumer expectations and an unending need for novelty have risen to unprecedented levels. Production in the cosmetics industry involves fast product development, high quality, and strict observance of rules and regulations.

What are the barriers to entry?

It can be said that the cosmetics and personal care industry is a pacesetter that shows little mercy. The product lifecycle is very short, and many companies reformulate a large part of their production yearly. The high turnover rate involves some issues in which organizations should make necessary adjustments, such as developing new ways and approaches periodically. However, manufacturers must find the right proportion between these elements while dealing with various complex operations such as mixing, filling, labeling, etc.


How Probiz Can Help and the Benefits it Provides

  • Precise Quality Control

    Quality control is stringent through lot tracking and quality testing to ensure the products meet the required standards.

  • Compliance and Security

    Compliance with FDA regulations gives batch document protection and label making.

  • Efficient Scheduling

    PROBIZ ERP facilitates detailed scheduling of comprehensive manufacturing processes like mixing, filling, labeling, and packaging to simplify operations.

  • Enhanced Product Management

    This helps manufacturers handle product development, customization, and capacity optimization.

  • Competitive Edge

    Using PROBIZ ERP, companies can remain competitive in a dynamic cosmetics and personal care product market.

  • Season-Based Load Balancing

     Resource efficiency is achieved by optimizing production schedules according to variations in seasonal demand levels.

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