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Probiz ERP provides specialized tools for enhanced efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry is one of the toughest industries to crack in the modern landscape, but it is also one of the most crucial and innovative sectors on the planet. This sector looks after developing and manufacturing life-saving medicines that aid millions of people each day.

On the other hand, the pharma sector is also highly regulated and with the rising competition, manufacturers must constantly look for new products that are to be introduced while maintaining the utmost compliance with quality standards in a short span.

What are the challenges that the Pharma and Life Sciences Industry faces?
  • Continuous rise in personalized medicine: A new wave of healthcare is personalizing medicines according to each patient’s genetics. While this approach is developing, it has also created obstacles for pharmaceutical companies to develop and launch personalized therapies and drugs.
  • The increase of digital health:  While digital health uses digital technologies to improve healthcare, it pressures manufacturers to develop new diagnostic tools, deliver remote care, and collect and analyze data on patient health.
  • The evolving pressure for cost reduction: Medicine manufacturers face evolving pressure to reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality with compliance standards.

Probiz ERP gives you a single, integrated system for handling all parts of your company, from finance, accounting, manufacturing, and sales to inventory management. Our decade-long experience in the pharma and life science industry provides us the upper hand to provide dedicated support in regulatory compliance, batch tracking, and quality control, too!

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Why should you choose Probiz ERP to deal with these obstacles?

The clear answer is that we provide EASE.

  • Easy to use: Our solution is convenient to use and implement. Our interface is user-friendly and gives access to simple navigation.
  • Adaptive industry-specific functionality: Probiz ERP is very carefully designed for the pharma and life science industry, with features that provide the utmost support for regulatory compliance, quality control, batch tracking, etc.
  • Scalability: Whether a startup or a large enterprise, we are scalable to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes.
  • Essential Support and Training: We provide the necessary support and training to guide customers to leverage the most out of their ERP solution.

What do you get when you choose us?

When you choose us, you get a dedicated partner who understands the unique challenges of the pharma and life science industry and is committed to helping you succeed.