PROBIZ ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software provides small and mid-sized businesses the power to manage their entire business and deliver value faster than ever. With solutions that cover every aspect of business management and manufacturing, PROBIZ ERP lets you expand in your market sphere through enhanced collaboration, higher sales and better compliance with stringent regulatory mandates. Streamline your business functionalities and make informed decision with PROBIZ ERP to foster the wake of never before growth.

Features & Benefits

GST Compliant ERP Solution

PROBIZ ERP solution adheres to the new GST laws and follows the complete roadmap that has been designed and developed by the ministry of finance.

Enhanced Security Mechanism

Higher level of user traceability features conforms to security standards, bestowing peace of mind.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

PROBIZ ERP helps the regulated industries to genuinely comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

Faster Implementation

Delivering successful and fast ERP implementations, bringing operational efficiency and substantial success.

Minimal Customization Needs

Serves as the best functional fit; demands nominal on-site customization.

Scalable to the Core

Adapt with the changes of business requirements leading to manifest growth.

Real-time Data Allows for Fast Decision-making

One of the most visible benefits of BI software that integrates with an ERP system is its ability to give managers a real-time look at the data they need to make intelligent decisions in the short and long terms.

Decreased Administrative Overhead

Automation of mundane activities reduces administrative overhead costs.

Know Why PROBIZ ERP is a Worthwhile Investment at a Glance

PROBIZ ERP is the next-gen ERP that assists manufacturers comply with all standards and regulations that results in enhanced product utility and better sales performance.

Core Benefits

  • Seamless integration of various manufacturing functions
  • Effective decision making with comprehensive set of data analysis tools
  • Boosts productivity and profit ratios
  • Optimizes product usage with better inventory control
  • Offers company-wide visibility

The WOW Features

  • Complete, feature-rich and centralized ERP solution
  • Flexible and easy configuration
  • Internal messaging system for improved communication
  • Multi-location, multi-plant and multi-currency enterprise management
  • Notifications and customized notifications

Technological Supremacy

  • Backend of MS SQL Server for unmatched security
  • Frontend of Microsoft .Net Framework, a robust and timeless technology
  • Self-customizable
  • Flexible deployment
  • Short implementation cycle
  • The finest architecture to support future enhancements

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