Quantum Naturals

When it comes to rank the top most herbal healthcare brands of India, Quantum Naturals proudly holds a high position there in the list. The company delivers the best quality nutraceuticals and health products for different segments ranging from men's health, weight management, arthritis, diabetes and several other.


Quantum Naturals has been continuously expanding in its business domain right from its very existence. However, such business expansion brought with it an apparent demand of streamlining various business modules which were causing complexities in the path of success. Eliminating the accuracy issues and high operational costs that existed due to numerous disparate systems soon turned out to be a bigger challenge for Quantum asking for heed at priority; as a lot of capital was found to get wasted during the efforts for aligning business operations manually.


Quantum Naturals realized that it was high time to opt for a centralized and robust ERP system that can automate whole manufacturing process and cut down the surplus expenses that were driving their revenue like anything. To harmonize multiple business processes and achieve business consistency, they considered several ERP systems but ended up with PROBIZ ERP, which is known for its user-friendly features and delivering unmatched operational excellence.

After analysis of Quantum Naturals business requirement, PROBIZ ERP was implemented by the efficient engineers of Process Master Technologies within specified time of 40 days and allotted budgetary specifications. The modules implemented were accounting and financial management, customer & sales, quality management, material management, purchase & procurement and business intelligence that brought a seamless coordination in the entire business flow.


After the implementation of PROBIZ ERP, Quantum Naturals got benefitted with streamlined business activities and boosted operational performance. Also they saved a considerable share of their annual income which was eaten up in process of coordinating business processes manually.