hr management

Human Capital Management is an integrated solution which encompasses all functional areas of HR management like managing the organizational hierarchy, HR development, storage of personnel details, service records, leave/attendance & payroll, performance appraisals and other such tasks to address all possible administrative requirements in the nick of time. The system is a supreme merger of human resource management aspects with high-end technology to cover a wide spectrum of administrative tasks for amplifying the enterprise efficiency at a wider scope.

Our HCM system is built to be used either as a sole system or associated with our ERP technology for simplifying the authorization and management of the crucial entrepreneurial activities effectively. System highlights include better security over confidential HR data, strong strategic alignment, history maintenance and consistent view of data all across your business.


Recruitment Planning

We understand, recruitment of talented bunch of folks is as important as having a perfect business plan. Align everything- applicant tracking, resume management, shortlist candidates, interview planning, candidate selection, induction planning etc. to simplify the vital recruitment and selection process.

Employee Management

Employees are the prime assets that build a great organization. Manage their attendance records, contact information and personal details for easy tracking. Department information, enrollment, status change, updating personal information etc. is all possible with Human Capital Management.

Payroll Management

Keep all information related to employee salaries, pay grades and positions held, salary details, management and key employee succession plans with HCM. It makes employee tracking, reporting, attendance tracking, claims, injuries etc. feasible with utmost ease.

Performance Appraisal Management

The system completely automates the overall performance reviewal process to track and monitor employee performance, performance development plans, appraisal management, pay raises and history etc.

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