Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

With a focus on regulatory support and compliance, PROBIZ ERP offers a comprehensive set of functional features specific to the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industries that make their products using formula or recipe.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Science industry operates in a specialized environment where requirements are unique. A highly customized ERP package is required to meet the needs of a pharmaceutical company. Our strong domain expertise in this industry enable us to meet the most complex needs of pharmaceutical industry by providing them with a solution that is configured with industry specific functionality and can help the companies to break down the barriers between its different departments.

We specialize in Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences specific ERP and have an experience of 10+ years in the same industry. PROBIZ ERP is a preconfigured, hybrid cloud based ERP software specifically developed for pharmaceutical manufacturers who make their products using formula or recipe.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Validation Ready Solution
  • E-Signature on authorized documents
  • Digital or Token Based signature on documents
  • Complete audit trail of each master and transaction
  • Print control of authorized documents/ Labels
  • Required Approval for essential transactions
  • Strict Password Strength Validation
  • Separate Approval Password than login password
  • Role Based Security Mechanism
  • User Password Encryption
  • Regular Password Expiration
  • Lock System on unwanted Login Hits and maintain Login history
  • Business Intelligence Tool & Dashboard
  • Hybrid Cloud ERP with Web based Reporting
  • E-Invoice Generation facility
  • Able to Integrate with other systems

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