Cosmetics & Personal Care

The market of fashion and trends is ever-changing. Cosmetic market is driven by innovation including new color pallets, treatments targeted to specific skin types and unique formulas concentrating on different needs. Most cosmetics products have a lifespan of less than five years and manufacturers reformulate 25% of their products every year.

They need to improve products constantly in order to stay ahead in a highly competitive market where more choice and ever greater efficacy are expected by the consumer. PROBIZ ERP provides the precise controls required by the cosmetic & personal care industry & other industries regulated by the FDA including lot control, quality testing, and batch document security & labeling etc. With this various quality control stages can be incorporated into schedule. PROBIZ ERP provides specific planning which is required to meet the various challenges in this industry.

It facilitates load balancing based upon seasonal demand. It schedule all steps in a complex manufacturing environment like mixing, filling, printing, sealing, capping, labeling, boxing, cartonizing etc. It helps to solve intricate & scheduling problems. With PROBIZ ERP cosmetics & personal care manufacturers can better manage all the complexities of engineering and building products to custom specifications, optimizing capacity, complying with regulatory demands and driving continuous process improvement.

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